Following up with the school to ascertain the arrangements for the reconsideration

Following up with the school to ascertain the arrangements for the reconsideration


It is helpful to attend the reconsideration if possible to make sure that the governing board undertakes a fair process and takes into account the findings of the IRP in a conscientious manner. The governing board does not have to invite the family to the reconsideration, so you will need their permission to attend. The exclusions guidance does state the following in paragraph 264:

The reconsideration provides an opportunity for the governing board to look afresh at the question of reinstating the pupil, in light of the findings of the IRP. There is no requirement to seek further representations from other parties or to invite them to the reconsideration meeting.

You should request their permission as soon as possible so that the governing board's reconsideration cannot happen before you get the chance to ask.

You can do this in two steps:

  • Provide information to the family on what happens after the IRP if a reconsideration is directed. See the downloads section for a suggested wording document. 
  • If the family wants to attend or wants you to attend for them, write to the clerk to the governing board to request arrangements for the panel and permission to attend. See the downloads section for a suggested wording document.


Next step? 

Once you have written to the governing board to request permission to attend the reconsideration or the family has decided not to attend, click next to proceed to the next step.



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