Step-by-Step Guide: Finding an alternative to permanent exclusion

Step-by-Step Guide: Finding an alternative to permanent exclusion


This step-by-step guide covers the process of identifying suitable alternatives to a permanent exclusion and exploring them with the family and the school to prevent an exclusion from being imposed or to encourage the headteacher to withdraw the exclusion. 

The steps in this guide:

  1. Contacting the local authority
    Speaking with the the exclusions officer can improve the situation. 
  2. Identifying alternatives to permanent exclusion
    Finding the right alternative at the right time can avoid an exclusion altogether.
  3. Considering the timing of the governing board hearing
    Arranging an alternative to an exclusion can take time but it's key that the process is completed before the governing board convene. 

When to use this guide

Before the governing board hearing, after you have spoken with the family and understood what they want to achieve and the options they would like to explore.

More information

If you want more information on the law and theory behind the steps in this guide see:



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