Step-by-Step Guide: After the independent review panel

Step-by-Step Guide: After the independent review panel


This step-by-step guide covers the process of obtaining minutes from the independent review panel, engaging in the governors' reconsideration of the exclusion, and informing the family of their options following a negative IRP decision.

The steps in this guide

  1. Requesting the minutes from the independent review panel hearing
    Following up with the governing board after the IRP can enable you to engage with the reconsideration.
  2. Following up with the school to obtain the arrangements for the reconsideration
    The governing board does not have to invite the family to the reconsideration, so you will need their permission to attend.
  3. Requesting minutes from the governing board’s reconsideration
    The governing board should keep minutes of their reconsideration.
  4. Making a referral to a legal team after reconsideration
    If the family are unsuccessful in achieving their objective, they may want to seek advice.

When to use this guide

Use this guide once the independent review panel has given its decision and either recommended reconsideration or quashed the exclusion and directed reconsideration of it. It is helpful to take these steps as quickly as possible because the governing board does not have to inform you of their arrangements to reconsider the exclusion if directed to do so. They can make their reconsideration without giving notice to you or inviting the family to attend.

This guide covers situations where the IRP sends the decision back to the school’s governing board.

If the IRP has upheld the exclusion, you should write to the family to let them know what this means for them. Consider using the Suggested Wording: Informing the family that the independent review panel has upheld

More information

If you want more information on the theory and practice that inform the steps in this guide see: Quick Guide: The governing board's duty to reconsider



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