Requesting the minutes from the independent review panel hearing

Requesting the minutes from the independent review panel hearing


After the independent review panel (IRP), if the panel has either recommended reconsideration of the exclusion or quashed and directed reconsideration of it, it will be sent back to the governing board, who will have to reconsider the exclusion within 10 school days of being informed of the IRP's decision. It will be best to take some steps to follow up with the clerk and make sure you have an agreed-upon record of what was said in the hearing. IRP minutes are rarely comprehensive transcripts. In order to evidence what was said, it will be helpful to either get the minutes amended with your corrections or at least have a record of your objections with reference to notes made contemporaneously so that you can rely on them later.

You can request and amend the minutes by following these three steps:

  1. Write to the IRP's clerk to request a copy of the minutes. See downloads section for a suggested wording document. 
  2. Review the minutes and check them against your notes. Amend the minutes with important missing information, or to correct important errors.
  3. Write to the clerk requesting that the corrections be reviewed, and the minutes updated. See downloads section for a suggested wording document.


Next step? 

Once you have obtained to the minutes of the IRP, and requested any necessary changes, click next to continue to the next step.



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