Getting information from third parties

Getting information from third parties


The Step-by-Step Guide: Education records will guide you through the process of making formal requests for information from organisations through subject access requests and freedom of information requests. However, sometimes these organisations will have more informal discussions with you about the issues relevant to the exclusion and can provide documents in a more straightforward way.

Third parties

Organisations that are removed from the exclusion proceedings may be able to contribute helpful insight. For example, medical practitioners, mentors outside of school, youth workers, extracurricular activity facilitators, and community workers. These people may all be able to tell you something that helps you understand the circumstances surrounding the exclusion and inform your work with the young person.


  • To make first contact with a person or organisation to discuss the exclusion or related issues, consider using the Suggested Text document: Asking a third party for information
  • In some circumstances, third parties may be supportive of the exclusion challenge and may be willing to provide a statement to the governing board or to the independent review panel to explain why they think the young person should be reinstated. If this is the case, consider providing them with the Template document: Template witness statement for third party

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Once you have obtained the information and statements from third parties, or if there are none to obtain, click finish.



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