Identify places to request information

Identify places to request information


Consider which relevant services the young person is involved with to identify the places you should be requesting information from. If you consider making a request to a particular organisation but are unsure whether they will hold relevant information, it will normally be best to make the request to be safe. This is because you may discover later that you need the records, but it may be too late at that point to make it in time for a hearing. It will almost always be appropriate to make a request to the excluding school for a full file of records.

The provision of educational support

Consider making a request for records from the following services if applicable:  

  • Providers of alternative provision
  • Previous schools
  • Mentors
  • Tutors

The provision of pastoral, behavioural or welfare support

Consider making a request for records from the following services if applicable: 

  • Children's services
  • Educational psychologists
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Other relevant NHS programs or private health services, particularly as they relate to a diagnosis or support for mental and physical health needs
  • Services relating to childhood criminal exploitation (CCE ) and childhood sexual exploitation (CSE)
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Police

Next step?

Once you have identified relevant services from which to request information, continue to the next step.



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